Last Sunday, the Food Network showed the premier episode of the reality tv show The Great Food Truck Race. The Race is an amalgamation of a good old-fashioned road trip, Dinner: Impossible, and maybe The Apprentice. I had originally thought it was more of a cooking competition; however, it is starting to show that it’s more of a challenge based sales contest.

The show started with seven contestants.


Austin Daily Press

This three-person team serves up hearty and what look like tasty hot pressed sandwiches for variable prices. I really think that these guys are going to crank it out in the coming weeks to be the winner. I don’t know if it has anything to do with their cooking skills, as I just really like Texas and want to give the Big State a win.


Crepes Bonaparte

This team of friends started the truck as a project for Business School and just kept on trucking. They serve various types of crepes, including a blue cheese crepe. I’m not very enthusiastic about them but I do like a nice Crepe.


Grill ‘Em All


This dudefest receives billing as the bad boy truck of burgers. The first episode shows them serving a burger in the same style as the heart unfriendly Friendly’s Burger as seen below.


Nana Queen

Last week the loser was team Nana Queen. The team made some mistakes that really cost them. Going straight for the pay spot and not ensuring that you have all the proper cooking equipment was a rookie mistake. It wasn’t really upsetting that they left. I didn’t feel that banana pudding and hot wings was very gourmet. Maybe if they had made some of those green wasabi hot wings would I have rooted for them but they really let me down. I thought I was getting a food competition but it seems to be more about sales so far.


Nom Nom Truck

Last week’s winners were the trio of sandwich makers from the Nom Nom Truck. While I swear I’ve seen their truck in New York City, I cannot verify if that wasn’t just for some opening festivities with the Food Network or if they were part of the final two, we’ll find out in a few weeks. The team sports some really good marketing skills, and I’m not necessarily sure if they serve very good food, some of it doesn’t look quite that appetizing to me, They managed to do some great marketing plans prior to getting to the location which is what I applaud them on.

Ragin’ Cajun

I really liked this teams food idea, I’ve never actually eaten any Cajun food aside from the mass marketed Popeye’s. But I definitely think that a food truck that serves Cajun food would be a nice change from the normal street food fare. I also think that this team should win mainly because I got some love for the ever beat down upon gulf area. A win probably won’t make up for the gallons of oils on their shores or other environmental disasters in the area, but It’s spirit lifting.

Spencer on the Go

I really enjoyed this team. They make classic French food from a truck, and they even give you table service. Now that is something a person could enjoy. Could you imagine if you could call them up and get them to cater a party from the truck? What a unique and quite awesome idea. For one, I had been hoping that they would win based on their culinary expertise but for some reason the contest is all about the Benjamin’s.