Below you will find an article that I had submitted for publishing at my college newspaper. Because I wished to protect my sources from possible legal and social ramifications as per their wishes, I was told that I was not doing a New York Times worthy job of journalism. But, didn’t a journalist at the NYT go to jail to protect one of her sources? But, maybe I’m remembering history wrong, but the NYT doesn’t seem to think I am. Not to mention that they withheld the fact that they wouldn’t publish it from me until it was nearly the election which totally ruined any chances I would have of placing it on my own blog.







Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, Carl Paladino’s campaign has recently suffered some setbacks due to controversies. Although he believes that the voters should focus on the substance of his policies, his recent gaffs have lowered the effectiveness of his campaigning.

Although, Mr. Paladino’s website is full of pertinent information regarding his views on reforming healthcare, reducing unemployment, and reforming Albany, Hunter College students were unable to recall any of his views on substantial political issues. Based on conversations with a number of students, it was obvious that his recent comments about homosexuality in addition to his altercation with a New York Post report are the only thing that college students can recollect in regards to Mr. Paladino.

Many Hunter College Students, when asked about what they thought about Carl Paladino and his campaign at first, did not know who he was or which office he was campaigning to win. However, when reminded about his recent statements to Orthodox Jewish leaders on October 10, 2010, their knowledge of Mr. Paladino quickly received restoration.

A freshman student named Jacqueline, while originally confused about the exact relevancy of Carl Paladino did remember the controversy surrounding his statements about homosexuality. According to an article by the Associated Press, Carl Paladino told attendees of a synagogue in Williamsburg that he did not want children “brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality” was an acceptable lifestyle choice. Mr. Paladino did later clarify that he “oppose[s] discrimination of any form,” but that his opposition to gay marriage was rooted in his Catholic religious beliefs.

Jacqueline stated, “I don’t think what he said about homosexuals is right.” However, she did also continue to say that she did not believe that “schools should say what [type of] sexuality is right,” referring to the possible moral indoctrination that Paladino had suggested in his statements.

Another student, Christopher, a senior, stated that he believed that gubernatorial candidate Paladino’s statements in opposition to gay marriage and alternative lifestyles were a good choice for his campaign. Christopher, a former campaign worker for Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Cuomo, said that Paladino has “dug himself into a hole with these comments. Many people are going to vote for Cuomo [in an effort] to vote against Paladino’s anti-homosexual views.”

Christopher may be correct because many people interviewed about Paladino’s campaign were unable to remember any of the multiple policies that the Paladino campaign website has outlined. The only student that even had a vague idea about the issues that New Yorkers are voting for in the upcoming Governor’s election was David, a Junior and member of the International Socialist Organization of Hunter College. While David did have some ideas about the New York gubernatorial election, his scope of ideas was limited to socialist talking points.

David stated, “I don’t plan to vote.” He stated that he was disillusioned about voting because “politicians don’t represent the people. They take millions of dollars from corporations to run so they can keep it a two-party system in order to continue corporate policies.” He went further to say that both Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino “are the same party, they just change the color of the hat.”

When asked whom he would vote for between the candidates Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino, David said, “I definitely wouldn’t vote for Paladino because he supports budget cuts and raising the cost of living through the cutting of social programs and that he supports the deportation of undocumented immigrants.” According to Mr. Paladino’s website, Paladino believes that he will cut $20 billion dollars from Medicaid by “attacking waste, fraud, and abuse in the system,” and that these cuts will make it possible for New York State to cut taxes by as much as 40%.

Additionally, Mr. Paladino states, “I am completely opposed to any form of amnesty or other political solution aimed to absorb illegal immigrants into the fabric of America.” Mr. Paladino believes this because he feels that illegal immigrants thwarted the sovereignty of America and that they are taking “advantage of the United States” and abusing Medicaid and other social welfare systems. However, in juxtaposition, Mr. Paladino whose father was an immigrant would like to make it easier for immigrants to come legally into the United States.

Unfortunately for Carl Paladino the controversy regarding his views on homosexuality have overshadowed many of the issues that the New York State Republican Party and Carl Paladino have been attempting to campaign on. Christopher stated, “Paladino’s a nut, but he’ll get his Albany votes.”

The current Talking Points Memo Poll has Republican Carl Paladino trailing Democrat Andrew Cuomo by 18 points, 36.8% to 54.8% respectively.


As of November 3rd, 2010 Democrat Andrew Cuomo defeated Republican Carl Paladino 61% to 34% matching closely to the Talking Points Memo websites Polling forecast.

Also, a point of transparency, I voted and supported Carl Paladino for governor during the 2010 General Election race. I had originally wanted to back Lazio but was charmed by Carl Paladino.