2081 is a sort film directed and written by Chandler Tuttle. It is based on the sort story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut. It stars James Cosmo, Julie Hagerty, and Armie Hammer.

Although it was a very interesting 25 minutes I didn’t really enjoy it. I thought that the film was much too brief and didn’t fully expand on the situation that is occurring within the movie. I much more enjoyed the Showtime Movie that starred Sean Astin (the dude from the Rudy movie). In comparison with that movie, I felt that the director’s treatment of the story was much too brief. However, “Harrison Bergeron” with Sean Astin focused way too much on the intellectual aspect rather than all aspects of what the Handicapper General’s job of creating equality was. In 2081 he was able to show the entirety of the way that creating equality would be achieved.

The Showtime Version

All in all I give the movie NNN

Coming Up:

I plan to watch Harry Brown, Yogi Bear, and the New Tron

The movie that I’m looking forward to for this coming year is Thor; The hammer of the Gods and all that good stuff. Enjoy this video.