So as you can see, I’ve updated the look of the blog to what I believe is a more flowing design. I will be adding more during the coming week. And I will start posting more articles and information.

Some changes to come are:

Book Club – I’m going to start posting up a book every other week that we can all read and enjoy. And hopefully have some really interesting conversations about. If you have any suggestions please either leave a comment below or check out the comment page and leave a comment.

Book Reviews – The goal is for me to provide my readers with some interesting book reviews. I will attempt to keep them as new as possible and hopefully some really interesting independent stuff.

Writing Advice & Prompts – Talking about writing is very important for writers. Continuing this dialogue will help us all me and you both become the best writers we can be.

Movie & Television Reviews – I would like to provide more movie reviews like I used to. I don’t know why I haven’t been, especially since my movie theater shows new movies for 5 bucks.

Short Stories – I like to write, but I’m very secretive of my short stories. Going to stop that and start putting them out there for you all to read and comment on.

I know that it is a really big plan and hopefully with a little caffeine and some gumption I can produce some really helpful and fun content for you.