So this week, all those changes I talked about are going to be in effect. Also, I’ve created a Facebook fan page, which I would like to get people to start following and enjoying so that we can talk and get chatting together about writing.

Finally, during the month of October, because I love Halloween, I will write some short stories to Scare Your Pants Off.  It will probably be stories involving zombies, vampires, hobgoblins, werewolves, trolls, or spooky-spooky ghosts. While there will be new content every day, there will also be 31 days of Frights or a new short story daily as well as the other promised content.

Not all of them are going to be original stories. I’m in the process of gathering some of my favorite short stories. Hopefully, there will be some favorite short horror and spooky stories that the readers can suggest. This link contains a quick search to books that involve Halloween to some extent.

Get Spooked

Also, as we approach the holiday with the mostest, the tab links above will contain photos and links to some great Halloween movies that are either available for purchase, rental or viewing online either thru Amazon or Netflix. I will also link to some spooktacular YouTube videos. If you have a super short story or other related content that you’d like to have featured as part of the 31 days of Frights, please contact me and submit your image, YouTube video, or story.

Be spooky!