The inaugural book of the Write Read Watch book club will be Stephen King’s book, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft. The book, published in 2000, is part memoir and part writing guide. According to Roger Ebert, “On Writing [has] more useful and observant things to say about the craft than any book since Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style.” Personally, Stephen King wrote a large number of the books and movies that I have loved from my childhood years up to my current adulthood. Although many people would put his books in the column of junk food fiction, I really do not care.

It was scary, I had never understood why anyone would be scared of clowns until I saw that evil Pennywise. The Shining is quite possibly the best book about alcoholism and writers block that I have ever read and the best movie to boot. In fact, even had you never learned how to read (I am assuming you can read because this is a heavily text based blog) Stephen King’s stories have filtered in to movies and television shows not including the ones based on his books. It is for this reason that I find it so important to see what he has to say about writing. He writes some great books overall and some great horror in particular.

Therefore, the hard stuff, in about 2 weeks from now, on or about October 11, 2011, I’ll talk about the first half of the book somewhere up to about 144 pages in, I haven’t really read the book and I have the ebook version so it makes it hard for me to see where sections begin and end. The second half will be at the end of the month either the last Tuesday in October or the First Tuesday in November.

Buy the book here: On Writing: 10th Anniversary Edition: A Memoir of the Craft

Also, I’m terribly sorry, yesterday was movie Monday and I didn’t write up my review. I am going to post that tomorrow.