Daybreakers is a 2009 movie that combines a plague and corporation-created dystopian society with the horror genre vampire. The film focuses on Ethan Hawke’s character Edward Dalton, a hematologist vampire who is working towards finding a blood substitute due to an increasing decline in the human population.

The film also stars Sam Neil as Charles Bromley, the man who runs Bromley Marks, the main blood supplier of the United States. Bromley puts increasing pressure on Dalton to create the blood substitute due to the slow extinction of the human population. During the course of the movie Hawke comes into contact with a band of humans trying to replicate a cure that was found by a former vampire Elvis played by Willem Dafoe.

As dystopias go, I believe this was a very good one. I have wondered, many times actually, what a world of only vampires would become and this did a very good idea of expanding on that thought. Visually I became annoyed at the color shift in the movie. While it was once a novel idea to put a subtle blue hue to film in order to make it seem dreary it is becoming tired and played. My world does not look slightly tinted blue and I do not think, unless a global warming induced problem has tinted the sky, any movie needs tinting.

The characters were believable and I have watched this movie many times and have noticed subtleties of the acting and writing that were not apparent in earlier viewings. This allows the movie to seem fresh and new with each additional viewing. It did not focus much on the vampires, which is a big bonus. I enjoyed that it was a movie about struggling in a dying world that just happened to have vampires as opposed to a movie about vampires in a dying world.

The movie also dealt with many different questions about life, death, and integrity which gives it a timeless quality because even if vampire popularity were to fade, the movie can always be watched to fulfill the need to see how much worse a world can get. I would definitely put this on par with movies like Soylent Green ad They Live.

You can buy it on Daybreakers [Blu-ray] is 13.99 with free shipping for amazon prime. It is also available for 9.99 with Amazon Prime Instant Video or for 5.96 for DVD.



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