Buying a child a book is one of the best alternatives to buying them candy. Books are fun, they increase your reading and writing skills, and they are fun. I love looking at the new holiday themed children’s books not matter what the holiday.

So I did some research on what Halloween Books were out there for children and came upon a plethora of choices. These are my favorites.

Board Books

My top 3 are:

SpongeBob SpookyPants
by Lauryn Silverhardt
Illustrations By: Style Guide Art

I wasn’t originally going to choose this one but my son ran up to the Barnes and Noble display and grabbed it off the table and wouldn’t put it down. This speaks to either the popularity of SpongeBob or the benefit of it having the shape of a treat basket.
The book focuses on Spongebob trying to decide which costume he will pick for trick or treating.

Available at Barnes and Noble and

The Haunted House
By Peter Lippman
Illustrations By: Peter Lippman

This book is amazing. It’s shaped like an old house and each page turns you to a new room in the house.


I love this book. Not only does it give you a decent funny story to read through, the book is a work of art and a definite must buy.

it’s availability on
is sketchy but it is also available on the Barnes and Noble website as well as in store.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
By Charles M. Schulz

This is a classic and is available in Board Book format as well as hardcover, mass market paperback, and trade paper. It’s a great book and fun. It also includes 30 reusable stickers. On Amazon it is part of the 4-for-3 promotion that allow you to purchase 4 books for the price of three.

Available on
and at Barnes and Noble (It’s only 1.78 at

Honorable Mentions:
Funny Faces Halloween Jack – Buy this one, not the Haunted House because it has an annoying witch laugh at the end.

Slide and Find Spooky – Slide and Find are always big in my house. Also great for developing fine motor skills for autistic children.

Fisher Price Little People Halloween is Here! – I really like the style of the book.

That’s Not My Monster (Touchy-Feely Board Books) – Has various textures for little hands a perfect book especially for autistic children.