Ten Plagues is a new book from Mary Nealy the suspense pen name of Mary Connealy, a Christian Western Romance author. The book revolves around a series of murders by a serial killer that is working off the ten plagues that the bible features in Exodus. You may remember them from such films as The Reaping with Hilary Swank and The Prince of Egypt with Val Kilmer.

I had received this book for review and I was hopeful for it. Although, as is seen from my affiliations in my sidebar, I am a Non-Believer (read: atheist) I actually enjoy Christian books and movies. My favorite type of Christian fiction is this type of Christian story.

I will say the author did do a decent job of getting me into the story early on; the book starts in an intense manner. Which I applaud the writer on, she really did the work to ensuring that the book drew the reader in to the action of the book. As a short story writer, I spend an obscene amount of time attempting to create not only a believable story but also introductions that entice the reader to continue.

As good as the introductory action is the dialogue and character development is lacking from what I had expected. And although my big two authors are Orwell and Hemingway, I’m not expecting  that I read a fair amount of Science Fiction, Mystery and Thriller novels and I’m definitely judging it on par with other books within that same genre type. The dialogue and characters were wooden and maybe since Western Romance is her passion she spends more time on those things within those novels.

Furthermore, there was a lot of telling. In the opening paragraphs despite the awesome ability, that she has to draw the reader in, the fact that she uses the word evil so much in the first paragraphs was jarring. What did the evil feel like was it that she was in the inner city that equaled evil, I have never felt evil so I did not exactly know how to picture it in my mind. Again, I am giving the benefit of the doubt here, because she writes for Christians so maybe the majority of Christians know exactly how evil feels and it would be pandering to explain it.

Therefore, if you are a Christian and you enjoy suspense novels I would recommend it giving it a solid 3 out of 5. I had really hoped for a mystery novel that a Christian happened to write rather than a Christian Mystery Novel.

However, overall amongst all the books out there, I would give it a 2 to 2 ½ out of 5.

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Disclosure: I received a promotional copy of this book from netgalley.com but the review is based on my own opinion.