Dark Horse Comics recently published Creepy Presents: Bernie Wrightson. Bernie Wrightson, Bruice Jones, Nicola Cuti, Bill DuBay and Budd Lewis co-author the book with Illustrations by Bernie Wrightson. The book includes short stories, illustrations and frontispieces that Dark Horse Comics collected into one deluxe hard cover graphic novel. The Collection includes such classic stories as Edgar Allen Poe’s The Black Cat.

The artistry of Bernie Wrightson is unmatched in most any graphic novel I have ever scene. The amount of detail in each character and background piece would make it difficult for anyone to ever make his envisioning of these stories into a movie. The drawing is so great that the characters look almost lifelike even in the eyes.

This hardcover collection is 144 pages of great illustrations and great stories. The book works for anyone. For parents, trying to get their child to read, the book combines classic stories with the comic medium. Art lovers will have to fight the urge to frame the book, and avid readers will enjoy the great writing that accompanies the story.

Some of the stories didn’t exactly work for me; however, that is a matter of personal preference and not because of bad writing or anything atrocious like that. I also found that although the stories were interesting I was very drawn to the pictures and ended up having to remind myself to read the stories more. Although, I don’t know if that speaks to the superb quality of the art or if it was my inability to focus.

For art alone, I give it a solid 5. Whereas, for the literary quality, I give it a 4. Overall a 4 to 4 ½.

The book carries a list price of 19.99; however, it is listed for 13.59 at Amazon.com with 32% discount. Amazon does have the tendency to change their prices without warning. To find other books from Dark Horse Comics check out their website here.

I received a promotional copy of this book via NetGalley.com. The opinions in my review have not been influenced and are soley the opinions of myself.