King of Horror

I’m not all the way through it yet. A cold and some day trips will do that to you. Also I’ve been reading a lot of other books to review for you. It’s still better than college where I had to read at least 50 pages of dense academic articles every night. Let me first say that On Writing is no where near as dry and weighty as those papers I read in college.


Stephen Kings writing from the first half of the book is great, he is able to easily relate the story of his life and writing advice with much ease. From the first half he has really related a lot of good advice for the aspiring writer. He regales the reader with a story of how he had received advice from his first rejection letter for a story he had written and set to Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine. The advice he received was “Don’t staple manuscripts. Loose pages plus paper-clip equal correct way to submit copy.” He also tells of how he took that first rejection letter wrote the name of the story and put it onto a nail and as the years when by he had tons of stories hung to that nail and eventually replaced it with a spike.


Doesn’t it make you think that if Stephen King got all those rejection letters that anything is possible? I know it makes me more determined to apply to a MFA program mainly because what’s the worse that could happen? And also this makes me determined to start submitting more stories because if award winning Stephen King can get hundreds if not thousands of them, I’m sure I can too.


What was your favorite part of the story so far?