I was introduced to this musical sometime in late middle school or early high school. A friend of mine named Abby had told me about the movie and that it was going to play at a local theater in town that was known for playing independent movies. However, I wasn’t allowed to go to the theater at midnight that Halloween.


Luckily, I was able to watch it on VH1 that night, complete with commentary about the movie and a little documentary following it. That was where I learned that a person was supposed to bring toilet paper, rice, and all matter of awesome, awesomeness to make it a interactive experience. So, I was kind of happy that I hadn’t gone at that time, so that the next time I could prepare.

Cut to over ten years later, and one dead hamster named Janet (after the character from Rocky Horror by the way) later, I still have not gone. It’s terrible. I’m ashamed. I live in the biggest city in the world, with the greatest Halloween parade in the world, and I’ve never been to see Rocky Horror Picture Show on Halloween. I’ve also never watched the Glee version, thankfully. In researching this post I listened to their version of Time Warp and had to shut it off before it killed every hedonistic moment of my high school memories.

I really loved Dr. Frank-N-Furter played by Tim Curry . I’ve heard that Everyone has the character that they love, and that it says something about who they are; however, I don’t even know what that says about me.

Everyone, loves time warp so It’s up above in the beginning but this is my favorite song:

It’s probably my favorite because I fantasize some kind of grand exit.

Also, Amazon.com has The Rocky Horror Picture Show (35th Anniversary Edition) [Blu-ray]with a book of photos and facts about the movie on sale this week. So check it out. It’s almost 60% off.

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