Hurry up and head on over to because they are having a sale with everything on site 80% off.

I purchased my Christmas Cards and a pack of Business Cards. for about 8$ for 25 personalized Christmas Cards and 25 Business Cards.

As a writer having business cards is important. I freelance so it’s good to give people something to remember me by. Since my feelings about how I want to market myself change like the seasons I never order too many cards.

This is the design I ordered:

Just click the picture to go directly to that item.


There’s also a ton of different types of stationary. I love stationary because I love Emily Post. Just be quick because the sale is until midnight!

So quickly choose something good, it’s only 20 cents on the dollar so if you realize you don’t need it later, you’ve spent a few bucks. Also, they do free shipping and possibly no sales tax depending on your location. So if it says $3 it really is only $3.00!