If you haven’t started your NaNoWriMo Novel. Please do. It’s still an attainable goal.

If you start ON THIS DAY, You have to write THIS AMOUNT per day to make the goal of 50,000 words.

11/05/11 – 2000
11/06/11 – 2083
11/07/11 – 2174
11/08/11 – 2273

Personally, I think that over the 2,273 words per day mark is a little too daunting for me. Some people have already finished by writing like the flash. Maybe they have those pills from Limitless or something, if so I’d like them to share!

If you haven’t started, You are in a good position right now, you have no words to lose. Some people in various settings I have told me about how they have lost all their writing due to some kind of problem. Maybe they had a computer error, some people forgot to save, and another person’s drive was corrupted. So please do, save in multiple places. I at this moment am in a kind of weird position, because some of my writing only exists in one place, but I plan to remedy that in a moment. Here are some choices for you when it comes to backing up your work.




With every Hotmail or Live email account, you have the option of using SkyDrive. You get 5 gigabytes of Storage free. Skydrive allows you to sync your files with the online drive so that at the time that you save your file on your desktop it also is saved in your Hotmail account. Cost: free.




I love DropBox, they give you 2GB of storage free but there is an option to purchase more space. You download the Dropbox software which is a shared folder and when you save an item to either the dropbox root or a folder within it is synced upon closing your files. I like Dropbox because it works on my Android phone, Ipad, Computer, laptop. All my stuff is put in one place. Cost: free



The Amazon Cloud Drive is online storage provided by the Amazon shopping website. They provide 5GB of free online storage, which you can upload any file type, especially mp3 files. A bonus with the Amazon online storage is you can stream mp3s onto your Android phone. Amazon charges a dollar per year for every extra GB of storage if you need more cloud space.

Cloud Drive

I think the best approach is to download the software for Dropbox and Skydrive and then synchronize your folder with both programs. That way, your files are automatically backed up by both services. If one of the websites has an extremely rare cataclysmic crash, your files would still be saved by the other site. In addition, you should upload your files once a week to Amazon just in case a file becomes corrupt and that ruined file syncs to Dropbox and Skydrive. It’s better to be safe than sorry.