As you know, I love terrible movies. So, by default I have watched an obscene amount of craptastic movies. One of those movies is Confessions of a Shopaholic. And although, it is possibly a very vain accomplishment, and while I don’t believe I actually win anything. Here I am on the front page of I’m also not terribly funny.  Click Here or the Picture below to be taken to my win and if you feel so inclined you can vote it up some more.

My Winning Gist!


I’ve also recently gone vegetarian, and am working my way towards vegan. However, as promised you will have a bunch of cookbooks reviewed by me. Furthermore, in the right hand sidebar there is a calendar with my NaNoWriMo accomplishments, it’s been at 9900 for quite some time now and still is at the time of this posting. Feel free to berate my writing laziness in the comments section. And that’s me, just tooting my own horn, just pointing you to random pointless accomplishments that I’ve made. Feel free to alert me to your pointless accomplishments in the comments below. I love all that kind of stuff.


Peace, Love and Penguins.