So, sometime in September 2011 (if I were more studious I’d go back and check the exact date) I wrote my bucket list and posted it up here.

Last night I was able to cross one of those items off of the list. I got to meet my long time favorite DeeJay a Mr. Neophyte from Holland.

I absolutely love hardcore and gabber. Now, this is not the first time I’ve seen Neophyte, either I was too much of a n00b or too concerned with other musicians at the time, but I have apparently seen Neophyte before. Although, I was 21 then and I could have been trying to make up for those previous 20 years where I didn’t drink.

However, I did by pushing past that voice in my head that makes you scared and realizing that sometimes things aren’t exactly the way you fantasize them to be, I met Neophyte, he was a nice guy. And I also got to see Rob Gee but I had met him multiple times before, I went to tons of raves from the time I was 16 until I was 21. But this time I met him, got VIP access, took masses of photos and just went wild with it. Making lasting memories.

Here’s some terrible video I shot:

Here are some photos I took:

This Is What Living Looks Like

Not Only Am I Hardcore, I'm in love with Neophyte

You can check out more small clips from my youtube channel here or on my photobucket album here.

Did I mention that I am absolutely in love with Neophyte, Rob Gee, and all that Hardcore music.

I know this post wasn’t about writing but what more is writing to me than living out your dreams. Just going for it and being the person that you want to be. So, go out there, write your own bucket list and start making it happen. Did I mention that I’m also working on entry number two Learn to Breakdance or Melbourne Shuffle. I attempted NaNoWriMo again this year and failed again, but what is success but a bunch of attempts that eventually end in you winning. So currently I am working on the following entries to my original bucket list:

  • Learn to Breakdance or Melbourne Shuffle.
  • Get a book published
    writing a book that I started during NaNoWriMo but didn’t finish yet.
  • Complete Script Frenzy
    It’s coming up, so I’m getting a plot worked out. Something about Cyborg pigs.
  • Master Spanish
  • Visit Ireland, Britain and Scotland
    It’s not nearly as expensive as I thought it was, which is why I didn’t even check up on it before. So silly of me.
  • Learn to play something very complicated on the Violin
    Currently clearing the dust off that violin and thinking up a song to learn to play.

So, currently working on completing 6 of the items on the list and have completed 1 already that’s more than half of my list getting ready to be moved into the completed pile. Get your list going and dream big. I think I’m going to think of new stuff, bigger stuff to just keep me dreaming bigger and bigger until the only items on my list are silly like “Living under the sea”, or “Walking on the moon”.

I’m plan on getting very weird and very awesome with the rest of my life.