Today I wanted to do something a little different for Movie Mondays.

I set up a live stream account and would love to watch Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas with all my readers. Just click this link to be taken right to the livestream webcast. I think it will be really fun. the movies only about 40 or 50 minutes so it’s a nice hour long spectacle. The Showing will begin at 9:30pm EST. That’s 6:30pm PST if you are on the West coast and sometime in between in the middle of the country.

It is a very fun Christmas movie and due to some DVD playing while I was half asleep I remember quite a bit about how they made those puppets.

I also figured I’d give you my top 5 Movie based Christmas gifts.

1) Lion King Trilogy Boxed Set:

It has all the movies, a drum, extras, and a really nice case. I went to see this movie in the theater with my son in 3D when it got re-released, not once but twice. Scar was just the most amazing Disney bad guy in my opinion. It’s almost half off on I was going to buy this for myself but, I’m a really hard person to buy a gift for (because I buy what I want for myself when I want it) so I stopped buying things that I wanted since Thanksgiving.

2. Nightmare Before Christmas

I absolutely loved this movie. It came out during my awkward I hate everything phase, which was somewhere between 10 and 25, but I loved this movie. I memorized the songs, I fell in love with the characters. It’s just the most awesome movie ever. I think anyone would love to own it, especially that moody teen that you have to buy a gift for and they’ll secretly smile while they’re watching it. Click this link to be taken to the Amazon page.

3. Gone With the Wind

There’s two things I like, well written movies and Clark Gable. This Has both of those things. The movie is perfect, and even though it is historical it’s timeless. It has a strong female heroine before there was even this call to arms for such things. The acting is superb, the costumes are just beautiful, it really entrenches you in the movie. There is a huge nearly $60 boxed set, which is awesome but the Bluray is nicely priced at $13. If you click the picture above it will take you to the boxed set, this link will take you to the bluray

4. Fast Five

Okay, it’s a guilty pleasure movie. It’s a good action movie, not Expendables good but it has fast cars, chases, and if you are a lady that is buying this for an action junkie, it can’t hurt to have a movie with both Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Vin Diesel. Also, while they say that it is better to give than to receive, why not receive a little something for yourself as well. When you purchase this on through this link here, you also receive a 48 hour rental for yourself. So perfect for Action fans, cars fans, and women who like men with lots of muscles.

5. Blazing Saddles

I love this movie. I could watch it over and over again. The jokes cannot be matched. Gene Wilder was on the money this whole movie. It is hilarious. Anyone who likes comedy would be sure to love this movie. Plus it’s less than $10  on Amazon. And like I said before you buy the bluray and you get yourself a free 48 hour rental of the movie. So if you’ve never seen it you get to watch it and your friend gets to watch it to. And believe me, if you were just kinda sorta friends before, you’ll be BFF’s for life after.