Often, my writer friends will worry themselves that their first lines are not good enough and I will often point out to them, that I do not think first lines matter. However, I want to renege on that stance, or at least the general sentiment. After reading the first line of Araminta Star Matthew’s book Blind Hunger, I was a convert to the important first lines club. The very first line of the story is, “Patricia pressed her head into the plastic cocoon-hood of her Hazmat suit before sealing it shut around her collar bone.” I wanted to know what the author had planned for next.

The story is a great teen centered zombie apocalypse. Now, I know you cringe when I say teen centered, you think of pale-yet-sparkly teen vampires and listless teen girls but this story is far from that. It actually celebrates the unique viewpoints of youth. Kind of, like how John Hughes did not pander to us fans of 80’s coming of age films, this story reads true to the character.

What I also like is that the book is clearly written by a fan of the eventual zombie apocalypse, there is a back story to the whole thing that is as far from the cliché as they come. It is in fact how I imagine the start of the eventual zombie apocalypse, in a way, I had not thought of it as happening exactly the way Araminta wrote it. In fact, Ms. Matthews is a self-described zombie enthusiast, her inspiration for the story came from her and her partner “develop[ing] zombie apocalypse survival plans.” She said, “one day while we were examining the efficacy of taking shelter in a window-less Mason’s Lodge, I began to wonder how the very young and the very old would survive against zombies.” Like all good writers she thought on it more and then as she states, “it occurred to me that many probably wouldn’t, and then I started to imagine how it would work if all the adults became zombies and children had to survive against it.”

It being the holiday season, this book is perfect for a teen that refuses to read or the Zombie fan in your life (regardless of how old they might be). Here is a little blurb that Ms. Matthew wrote up:

Blind Hunger follows a gang of youth as they battle against an onslaught of zombie adults in this zombie apocalypse tale. Featuring a nine-year-old genius, sarcastic Goth tweenager, a rebellious young teen, and a picture-perfect jock young adult, this book has been described as “Breakfast Club with zombies” by reviewers. It’s the classic hero’s quest, this time with dead things trying to eat children. Fun for the whole family!

It is a definite must buy for gifts and for yourself. I gave this book 4 out of 5 because I thought the book was awesome and would definitely recommend it to my friends and family, and even buy a couple for gifts this year.

You can like the book on Facebook here, and check out the authors website www.aramintastar.com. In addition, you can purchase the book for Kindle or print on Amazon.com. It’s also available for purchase on Smashwords and Barnes and Noble.

There’s also a game called Survive (pictured below) based on Blind Hunger. You can find that also on Araminta’s website.