I’ve been considering lately about changing the direction of the blog. I would still like to do Movie Mondays, Livestream Hangouts, Writing advice, and Short Stories but I’m thinking of changing the focus to one type of genre.

Generally, I really enjoyed the 31 days of Frights and would love to do something more along that lines in the future; however, I am not very thrilled with some of the direction of the horror genre of films and books. Sometimes, you have a good movie here and there, I love well thought out movies and books, but often it is a lot of ultraviolence or teenage girls in love with lazy vampires.

I also really love speculative fiction and also am interested in terrible movies, like the ones you see on Lifetime, any Christian television network, or those old afterschool specials. So basically, I am thinking about doing that.

However, I’d love for your opinion as readers of this fine blog to let me know what kind of content they’d like to see? What kind of books and writing information would you like to have.

I think the great benefit electronic media is that it allows me to have direct contact with my readers and to produce information that they’d be interested in. So please, let me know what kind of stuff would you like to see? I will try to exhaust my personal contacts to find that information.