I’ve been trying to get into shape and I have some flighty goal of obtaining the Golden Gloves by the time I turn 35. I have this habit of getting really into something for a bit. So basically, I fell in love with the story of Dicky Eklund and Micky Ward from The Fighter and decided that boxing might be a good inspirational story. So, I purchased and am currently reading The Gleason’s Gym Total Body Boxing Workout for Women.

It would be highly conceited of me to assert that I am a polymath or consider myself to be one, so, i will refrain from calling myself one. However, I can say that I would like to max out all my skills during my time on this planet, obtaining the maximum of my physical and mental abilities. I had heard about this person Leon Battista Alberti.

According to Wikipedia, Alberti was able to jump over a man’s head, with his feet together. Additionally, he was also an author, artist, architect, poet, priest, linguist, philosopher and cryptographer. To be able to do even one of those things well seems to be something that alludes the majority of us. Nonetheless, my goal is to master a few things in the brief time I have on this world and then upload my consciousness to the internet once humanity has come to the point of the singularity.

So, in keeping up with my belief that people should constantly strive to perfect themselves, I will be working on becoming a boxer and a better writer. And at some point, I will need to work on mastering all of the other things that I enjoy, so that one day hundreds of years into the future some one will be writing about me talking about how they had once heard of this girl who could punch out a guy with a single jab and also mastered a whole bunch of fields.

So, what are you reading now, and why?