On August 23, 1966, Lunar Orbiter I took the first ever photo of the Earth from the Moon. There is something quite illuminating. It is the precursor to a man walking on the moon, the moment when it is all possible when so much hope fills our nation and this was the shadow of that, the picture of us from afar.

First Image of the Earth from the Moon – via NASA

I hope to one day be amongst those privileged enough to set foot on another sphere in space, to one day gaze upon the blue and green marble that is our wonderful earth from so far away. And I hate to admit it but, when I was a girl in middle school not that long ago, I thought for sure there would be humans on the moon by now, and Mars too. I do not know if I was shortsighted, or if I was eternally optimistic about the future of the world.

However, today is the anniversary of a day when so many awesome things were on the horizon for America and the world. Where so much was possible for us, where so many children sat at home and decided based on grainy black and white photos like this, which they wanted to be scientists and go to the moon. Many of them did, and that is what makes this little grainy photo much more than it is, it is hope in a picture, a vision of the future from the past. It is everything and so much more.