I’m playing with names here a bit, I think Pinteresting Post of the Day is a bit more interesting than the Pinterest of the Day. I also think it’s a more wonderful turn of phrase and I would hope that you find these Pinterest posts  informative and share worthy enough that they are considered “Pinteresting” for you.

Today’s Pinteresting Post of the Day was found via Paul Scott Anderson’s Pinterest Board Space. It lists, as you see below Five Potentially Habitable Exoplanets

The most habitable of these is Gliese 581g which is 92% similar to earth. Originally published on the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo’s Planetary Habitability Laboratory (or the PHL @UPR) website, the blog lists information about the discovery and explains the existence of the planet.

Based on the new data Gliese 581g probably has a radius not larger than 1.5 times Earth radii. It receives about the same light flux as Earth does from the Sun due to its closer orbital position around a dim red dwarf star. These factors combine to make Gliese 581g  the most Earth-like planet known with an Earth Similarity Index, a measure of Earth-likeness from zero to one, of 0.92 and higher than the previously top candidate Gliese 667Cc, discovered last year.

My only question, or point of argument with these fine scientists, is the name. While I know a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, they really should try to brand this planet a little better. Maybe pick a book or movie and name it after one of those, or maybe even Earth 2.0 or Little Earth (If you want it to star in a children’s cartoon).

This hints at the later post of the day for Sci-Friday. Which is my day of Science Fiction fun and hilarity.

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