Linkfest is a weekly listing of links to things that I found oh so very interesting around the web.  I hope to keep it to about 5 different sites and links, but it might be more depending on what fancies me on that very day.

Reapers with Issues, is a series of books by H.E. Ellis. I’ve taken time to read the opening intro of the book located in the link above and it sounds magnificent. If the writing keeps up to par with the excellence I have come to expect from Ellis’ last novel The Gods of Asphalt (Which is available for less than $1 on then I’ll be so happy. And I’d love to read it and post up a review for this book on here if H.E. should so deem it to be plausible.

The second link is from a KickStarter project for a game called DreadBall. I believe it to be a board game based sports game but, I’m not 100 percent sure. All I do know for sure is that the pieces look fantastic. Go over to KickStarter to figure that out for yourself.

The Third Link is from Comet Tales Blogspot, which chronicles Jonnie Comet as he writes his next novel. You can find his novels Deirdre, the Wanderer and Deirdre, the Oyster’s Pearl (Deirdre, the Wanderer) on Via the links provided.

A fourth link is provided by the BerdoRules Pinterest Account that seeks to post a different picture of Walt Disney World daily. It’s pretty interesting especially if you enjoy Disney so check that out as well.

The Fifth Link is a bit of shameless self promotion.  A friend and I have started a facebook page that hopes to discuss various fallacies found in media today. Most likely it will be one of those Memegenerators like many that are available today. But I hope it will be very elevated speech.

Have a fun Saturday and should you want to be featured next week, please drop a link below or send a link on the Facebook page, which is the best way, in my opinion.