Today’s Pinteresting Post of the Day comes from Sweet Peach and is an adult take on the drink of my wandering teenaged years. I’m talking about none other than the Adult Slushie (I believe Slurpee is trademarked by 7-Eleven).

I pinned this to my Pinterest Board entitled “Let’s Get Drunk”. So if you like alcohol inspired drinks and even a few edibles follow that pinterest board. Tho, I warn you following that board may get you drinking more than usual.

According to the Sweet Peach blog, the drink is served at the Atlanta based Victory Sandwich Bar + Emporium. Where they own their own slushie machine.  I don’t own my own slushie machine, and I don’t live in Atlanta. If you live in Atlanta, please do go down to the Victory Sandwich Bar and Emporium and buy one, get wasted, and then tell me how awesome it was.

I on the other hand will drive to 7-Eleven in my car, with the air conditioning on full blast, freezing, teeth chattering cold and run in buy the largest Slurpee available. I’ll run home, suppressing my urge to dump some Jack Daniels into my Slurpee at that very moment, because as bad as drinking and then driving is, I’m sure drinking WHILE driving is much worse. And upon arriving home, I will take some Jack Daniels which I will have premixed with a bit of coke out of the freezer and pour it in to my Slurpee and see how awesome it is.

If you don’t have a 7-Eleven or the Victory Sandwich Bar near you, here is a wikihow link that promises to show you how to make your own homemade Slurpee with Coke.
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