Today’s Pinteresting Post of the Day is a Healthy Eating Poster that I pinned to my Thinterest Board. The board, promotes healthy eating and exercise and does not promote eating disorders in anyway.

This pin came from the Undressed Skeleton, tumbler blog which is run by Taralynn McNitt. She also does some pinteresting things on Pinterest and post a lot of very interesting lower calorie versions of some originally very unhealthy foods. You can follow her on Pinterest here. She posted recently a very nice vegan substitution guide which is also handy for non vegans should you find yourself out of eggs while baking. She also posts some very fun fashion tips.

If you enjoy healthy ideas and exercise ideas, follow my Thinterest board on pinterest. I’ve posted such fun and interesting things like very short exercise plans. Interesting food ideas, and other inspiration for people who are trying to lose weight. It isn’t for everyone and I hardly do most of the ideas in there but we all have to start somewhere.

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