Today’s Pinteresting Post Comes Courtesy of the Ministry of Alcohol who run a Facebook Page and a blog dedicated to very interesting ideas, involving alcohol. This was originally pinned to my Let’s Get Drunk pinterest board.

Their most interesting idea, since I’ve discovered them, is this Watermelon Keg.

When I was younger, and definitely not in High School nor underage, my friends and I went to a park and had a very fun Memorial Day barbeque. The main event was a fruit salad in a watermelon that had been soaked in Everclear. If you don’t know what Everclear is, it is a very high alcohol content liquor it’s somewhere between 170 and 190 proof (85% and 95% alcohol content), whereas vodka and whiskey are typically 80 to 120 proof or 40 to 60 percent alcohol.

By the time anyone attempted to eat the watermelon they had forgotten or had been forced to, due to the depleted supply of beverages, eat the watermelon for overwhelming thirst. And as originally expected, but at the same time by surprise, anyone eating the melon was completely drunk.

After seeing this photo on pinterest and reading the instructions on the Ministry of Alcohol’s website, I’ve decided that next Memorial Day barbeque I’m going to fill a watermelon with some type of Everclear or Moonshine based mixed drink and relive those lost days of youth.


You may have noticed that I have changed the naming mechanism a bit, I figure that this way you’ll know what you’re getting.

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