For the first edition of ReCast It Wednesday I’ve chosen to ReCast She-Ra: Princess of Power. I’ve chosen some pretty dynamic people for this tho I think you will have your own choices.

I enjoy watching Drop Dead Diva even if the show is insanely stupid drivel and I think that April Bowlby who plays Stacy would be a nice fit for She-Ra, she’s very fierce and has a sweet and innocent side that would work well for both Adora and She-Ra. For Hordak, I chose Tom Hardy because I think his muscular build and ability to be very shady from his work in Warrior would work well, tho It might have been good for me to have gone older. Glimmer, I chose Katy Perry because I liked how heroic she seemed in the video for her song Wide Awake. Finally I chose Sofia Vergara for Shadow Weaver because of her work in Modern Family and how motherly she can be while at the same time she has a nice mean streak when she doesn’t get her way. plus i think he’s d be the only one that would look super awesome in what is basically a Snuggly.

What do you think, would you make different choices? What other spots would you fill and with whom?

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