It’s only Halloween don’t go loosing your head.


The Headless Horseman automatically is a part of Halloween simply because of the Jack-o-lantern he palms. He is a frightening figure who rides a horse and also carries a sword, ready to spread his headless affliction. Considering the fact that he can hold a large pumpkin in one hand and can throw it, he must be a very large figure, which also can be menacing. I remember watching the Disney adaption many years ago and even though the movie was animated, Disney did not pull any punches. It was as scary as any live-action movie.

One thing about the Headless Horseman always bothered me: how is he able to see without eyes? Can he see through the jack-o-lantern? The horse? Does he have an invisible head? If so, is he really headless? I guess it is meant to be a mystery.

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