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If you are reading this you are probably amazed that I’ve converted to Mormonism or another various religion or done something terrible. However, and I hate to disappoint, this was an April Fool’s Joke.


Sorry to be like that, but it’s all in good fun. And yes, I still am that very friendly atheist.

I’ve been considering lately about changing the direction of the blog. I would still like to do Movie Mondays, Livestream Hangouts, Writing advice, and Short Stories but I’m thinking of changing the focus to one type of genre.

Generally, I really enjoyed the 31 days of Frights and would love to do something more along that lines in the future; however, I am not very thrilled with some of the direction of the horror genre of films and books. Sometimes, you have a good movie here and there, I love well thought out movies and books, but often it is a lot of ultraviolence or teenage girls in love with lazy vampires.

I also really love speculative fiction and also am interested in terrible movies, like the ones you see on Lifetime, any Christian television network, or those old afterschool specials. So basically, I am thinking about doing that.

However, I’d love for your opinion as readers of this fine blog to let me know what kind of content they’d like to see? What kind of books and writing information would you like to have.

I think the great benefit electronic media is that it allows me to have direct contact with my readers and to produce information that they’d be interested in. So please, let me know what kind of stuff would you like to see? I will try to exhaust my personal contacts to find that information.

Just a little reminder that the movie is ready for all you awesome people.

Just Go here

To live stream the movie!


Hope to see you soon!

I’ve been trying to get in shape, too many stops at McDonald’s trying in vain to win the Monopoly instant win game will do that, so I decided to purchase Shape Magazine to give me healthy ideas. I like Shape because they show real women and they celebrate curves. Even if you aren’t interested in fitness, they have tons of fun stuff for you to read and interesting recipes to try. So when I saw this deal offering 3 years of SHAPE Magazine delivered right to your door at over 85% off cover price (Just $12 for 3 years) I decided to let you know about it. Also, Don’t forget that gift giving season is coming up and if you know someone who likes shape, this would be a great gift idea.

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I really did enjoy this short film. I was thinking about this post this week. I love dystopias, I could never ever watch a utopian film, I’d probably put a foot in my TV it would be so unreal to me. I did find it jarring and a little shocking that I had originally disliked this movie, maybe the reality of the director’s vision didn’t sit well with me. However, after much time has passed, it feels like an old friend.

I recommend that everyone watch this video, you can rent it on YouTube for 2.99, and it is available on for a 7 day rental for only 1.99. (way to go Amazon with those prices)

Here’s the trailer below.

Here is the trailer for the one starring Sean Astin

Below you can read my initial thoughts, enjoy.

Movie Monday Issue #1 - 2081 2081 is a sort film directed and written by Chandler Tuttle. It is based on the sort story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut. It stars James Cosmo, Julie Hagerty, and Armie Hammer. Although it was a very interesting 25 minutes I didn’t really enjoy it. I thought that the film was much too brief and didn’t fully expand on the situation that is occurring within the movie. I much more enjoyed the Showtime Movie that starred Sean Astin (the dude f … Read More

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