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This is the first half of a 2 part story that I’ve written as part of a longer set of stories about a fictional town called Claremont

Harry died in a car accident on April 5th, one year ago to the day. He had died on his way home from the florist. April 5th was also his and Mandy’s anniversary and they had for the nearly 15 years of their marriage gone out to dinner and dancing in the city. Even when she was 7 months pregnant with their daughter who was now 15 years old they had danced the night away somewhere on their anniversary.

Today would make 16 years had Harry not died in that car accident. Had some guy on a cellphone not been too busy talking to someone about something unimportant he would have seen the stop sign and never t-boned Harry as his car crossed the intersection legally.

Mandy had sat in her favourite chair waiting for her husband to come home. He had first been just minutes late and she was peeved sighing while she looked at her watch and thought of how they’d have to rush to the city only to get caught in rush hour traffic and be late for the club. Then it became hours. She knew then that she’d have to cancel the reservations to the restaurant that they had reserved months in advance because it was always busy.

Finally, she heard a knock at the door. She wondered to herself, “why would harry knock.” But as she made her way to the front door she saw why. The red and blue lights shone into her home and she knew it was the police. Her town of Claremont was still small like that, the police would notify you if something happened themselves. They wouldn’t make a phone call, they’d just come to the house and tell you face to face. She tried to keep composure.

“Maybe it isn’t that bad. Maybe harry just was arrested for being drunk,” She repeated that to herself over and over. Not caring that Harry never drank more than two beers in a day, nor ever even drank if he thought he was going to drive the car in the next 5 hours. He was a stickler for rules and made sure that there would never be the chance that he would drink and drive. But when she opened those doors all hopes of harry having been arrested were over.

It took her a long time to really feel that Harry was gone. But even then she kept telling her daughter, Ann that it was hard to do, after all, Harry and Mandy had met in High School and had dated from Sophomore year in high school all the way through college. They had married during their last spring break of university using the time off for their honeymoon and then returning to finish out the semester in their separate dorms and finally for graduation they moved into the home that they would raise their children in.

She had spent the last 22 years with Harry, and aside from their times as youths in high school, they hadn’t spent one whole day away from each other. But now Harry was dead and Mandy had to cope with that. So she went about her days, finding things to fill her mornings and afternoons with and crying herself to sleep every night as she held his nightshirt to her face.

It was on that day April 5th a year from Harry’s death that she received a call. She wasn’t going to answer but it kept on ringing. The answering machine never picked up.

“Hello,” she said her voice breaking. “Who is this?” “Mandy Candy,” a static distorted voice said from over the line. “Who is this?” she said raising her voice. “It’s me,” the voice said. “You stop this right now. It isn’t right to play tricks on widows. you ought not to play jokes on women on their anniversary.” “Mandy Candy, It’s me Harry. I’m coming to pick you up stay looking for me by the window and I’ll be there for you.” the line went dead.

Mandy stood there listening to the beeping of the phone until Ann walked into the kitchen.

“Hey mom, what are you doing?”

“I have to get ready. Your fathers coming to pick me up.”

“Mom, dad’s dead,” Ann said.

“You’ll not talk about your father that way,” Mandy scolded raising her voice in anger at her daughter.

“He’s dead mom, He’s been dead for a who–” Mandy’s hand slapped Ann’s face hard. Ann’s face was read like a whore with too much rouge and as she ran out of the room holding her cheek Ann’s eyes began to water.

Mandy ran to her room, quickly dressing and fixing her hair for her date with Harry. And quickly returned to the living room to sit by the window and watch for him to come home in his car.

She waited until she heard nothing.


I’m sick so I’m probably not going to do any postings for the next few days. I’ve been doing some writing lately so that’s probably why.


anyway here’s something I was writing back in April or March so you can check it out and tell me how terrible it is.

I couldn’t ever think about things like this before. Well, before when I was skinny as a stick. At least that’s what they said then, but I wasn’t that skinny. I was more on the lighter side of average. While everyone else was worrying about childhood obesity, I was eating ho-ho’s and Twinkies, and those yummy pink coconutty cakes with the creme filling inside by the box full. One after the other on an after-school afternoon. And boy did I like that. I liked being thin.

Thinness affords you the ability to do so many things that regular and fat people can’t do. You can eat pizza all day, everyday without any one bothering you at all. Heck, they might even buy you an extra slice because who cares, your thin. And the things you can wear. That’s how models get away with wearing so many different things. So many different things that you can’t even believe. Wanna wear garbage, who care, you’re thin, anything will look good on you.

But then, I got fat. Slowly over the summer ’til the first day of school came and I was bigger than I had been, I didn’t notice at first. Except that my pants didn’t fit, they wouldn’t buckle and I was worried. So I ran more, and ran more. Puberty is terrible, it just comes at you with full force and changes everything that you’ve grown to love about yourself in the past 14 years.

And boy did I learn, the girl who was once, supermodel thin, with the nice hair, and flawless skin became nearly hideous over night. And everything grew, well, everything except what I wanted. My butt got huge, pimples littered my face and my once beautifully smelling shiny and bouncy hair, was weighed down, split up like a forest after Godzilla walks thru, and smelled like a vat of chicken grease.

And did I sweat, you never really see it on TV. You see all the boys out there, with broken voices, grease laden faces, pimpled galore, and awkwardly smelly in every single story about teens. But the girls, they’re always just moody and embarrassed about having to carry some tampax in their bag. But I went from being cute as a button to pizza faced, fat, and with some uncontrollable arm pit glands.

I would have preferred to have been moody, to be sitting there upset because I have to carry my bag with me to the bathroom!

And my friends weren’t too thrilled. We had chosen each other on the basis of our good genetic fortune, And now I had to WORK at being cute, and boy was I terrible it. And they didn’t care, I plummeted their Stock. I was stinky, heavy, and greasy, 3 things that do not go together with Skinny, Pretty, Teen Dreams.

And before my unfortunate luck of the draw with the Gods of Puberty, I was mean. I bullied. I had made girls cry. I was being given my just karmic retribution and boy was I upset. I was stuck in the world that I despised and ridiculed. I had become one of the freaks, and I didn’t like it.

And they didn’t like me. You’d think based on TV that geeks and losers or whatever they want to call themselves were different from the jocks and the preps, but things are the same all over. In fact it’s much easier to fake it with the jocks and the preps, with the geeks, if you can’t spell, they’ll call you on it, and you can’t pretend you aren’t stupid. I was dumb as hell, and ugly as hell and I couldn’t do anything about it. I was alone and upset.

But there was hope. I could change, I could become a better person. But I wasn’t going to become a better person. I was a fat former fancy girl, and that wasn’t going to do anything for me. I don’t give a shit. Those people could shut up, at some point I’d be pretty again, and then I’d be better. I would be more loving and caring.

But let me get to the beginning of the story. where everything started. Back when I first hit ugly and my friends stopped calling. When the first story was ending and the second part of my young life was beginning. …

Anyway tell me what you think, it’s the start of something I never finished.

For the first edition of ReCast It Wednesday I’ve chosen to ReCast She-Ra: Princess of Power. I’ve chosen some pretty dynamic people for this tho I think you will have your own choices.

I enjoy watching Drop Dead Diva even if the show is insanely stupid drivel and I think that April Bowlby who plays Stacy would be a nice fit for She-Ra, she’s very fierce and has a sweet and innocent side that would work well for both Adora and She-Ra. For Hordak, I chose Tom Hardy because I think his muscular build and ability to be very shady from his work in Warrior would work well, tho It might have been good for me to have gone older. Glimmer, I chose Katy Perry because I liked how heroic she seemed in the video for her song Wide Awake. Finally I chose Sofia Vergara for Shadow Weaver because of her work in Modern Family and how motherly she can be while at the same time she has a nice mean streak when she doesn’t get her way. plus i think he’s d be the only one that would look super awesome in what is basically a Snuggly.

What do you think, would you make different choices? What other spots would you fill and with whom?

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Today’s Pinteresting Post of the day comes courtesy of the Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s Pinterest board entitled Book Stuff. What is wonderful about the Keeping up with the Rheinlander’s website and facebook page is that they review tons of book all the time. So if you have a book coming out, or just want to know what kind of books are out there, click on over there and see what’s up.

This fascinating bookshelf, shaped into the word READ can be found at the upscale NK department store in Stockholm, Sweden according to What the Cool.

This is a fabulous idea for a bookshelf, if you have the room. It doubles both as art and a holder for your books. And it would make even the most shameful collection of Twilight Novels and Fifty Shades of Grey look like something to behold.

While, I’m pretty certain this was made specifically for them, there isn’t any reason some of you handy people out there can’t go out and make a similar bookshelf yourself. So head on down to Lowes or Home Depot and get started.

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I’m playing with names here a bit, I think Pinteresting Post of the Day is a bit more interesting than the Pinterest of the Day. I also think it’s a more wonderful turn of phrase and I would hope that you find these Pinterest posts  informative and share worthy enough that they are considered “Pinteresting” for you.

Today’s Pinteresting Post of the Day was found via Paul Scott Anderson’s Pinterest Board Space. It lists, as you see below Five Potentially Habitable Exoplanets

The most habitable of these is Gliese 581g which is 92% similar to earth. Originally published on the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo’s Planetary Habitability Laboratory (or the PHL @UPR) website, the blog lists information about the discovery and explains the existence of the planet.

Based on the new data Gliese 581g probably has a radius not larger than 1.5 times Earth radii. It receives about the same light flux as Earth does from the Sun due to its closer orbital position around a dim red dwarf star. These factors combine to make Gliese 581g  the most Earth-like planet known with an Earth Similarity Index, a measure of Earth-likeness from zero to one, of 0.92 and higher than the previously top candidate Gliese 667Cc, discovered last year.

My only question, or point of argument with these fine scientists, is the name. While I know a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, they really should try to brand this planet a little better. Maybe pick a book or movie and name it after one of those, or maybe even Earth 2.0 or Little Earth (If you want it to star in a children’s cartoon).

This hints at the later post of the day for Sci-Friday. Which is my day of Science Fiction fun and hilarity.

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I’ve been doing some Pinteresting for a while and it is very interesting to say the least. So, I decided to share some of the wonderful tidbits and fun jokes that I see daily with you.

The Pinterest of the Day for August 23, 2012 is an infographic which gives some ideas for how to revamp your resume in this modern more digital and more internet saturated world.

Created by Colorado Technical University

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Suddenly, I realize my name will never grace a list of 30 whatevers under 30. Although, I have been aware of this unrelenting march towards oblivion, it seems that it has happened so abruptly that I have reached this mile marker of 29. As each day passes, we add a day to our life’s tally. The earth does not cease rotating, the hours do not stop passing, and whatever the biological mechanism that gives wrinkles, greys hairs, and brittles bones does what it does unceasing. Nevertheless, it was so suddenly that the cashiers stopped asking me for identification when I purchased a pack of cigarettes. It seemed so jarring to me the day I realized that Kurt Cobain had killed himself 18 years ago or that I had spent more years on this earth than any of the great musicians that I had loved as a little girl in the sixth grade.

Too Old for this

courtesy ifc

Now here it is the eve of my 29th birthday. I have witnessed 28 summers, falls, springs, and winters. It still feels so odd that there are people on this earth who do not have a story for where they were when the Towers fell on September 11. Yet somehow, I cannot shake the feeling that it was not long ago that I graduated from high school with all those promises of the bright future to see, the big things to do, and that feeling that I would take over the world.

A Bright Future? – courtesy biz02

So, how did it come to this? How is it that the days are closing in upon me? I have nearly 365 days left to write that novel or make the big life choices that I had naively thought I would take care of well before I was even close to being 30. It is a crushing weight to know that so many people had such high hopes for me nearly 15 years ago, even I, myself, thought that by 30 I’d be out of medical school, with a fancy house and a glamorous life.

Here I am, embarking upon the last year of my twenties, facing the truth that I have done nothing, gone nowhere, and seen little, and yet I had so much time to do it in. I can easily list people that I admire that did more than I can imagine before they were 30. Earnest Hemingway wrote and published both The Sun Also Rises and A Farewell to Arms before he was 30. George Orwell had written and published much including Down and Out in Paris and London before he turned 30. Then there are the people whom I abhor Snooki, Justin Beiber, and Paris Hilton all of whom, have been able to outpace me in writing.

And yet, I remain unpublished.

The sad thing is that I am not even sure if I will accomplish the things I want by the time I am 40. My main fear as I hit this last year of my 20’s is that if I don’t find some way to attempt to meet my goals, I’ll end up 50 years old with no discernible skills, a spotty CV, and still continuing to float through life.

I have changed the passion of my life so many times. At 15, I wanted to be a doctor. 18, a writer. 22, an accountant. 24, a writer again. 25, an editor. 26, a linguist and maybe a writer, or a teacher but mainly a linguist. Now as I approach 29, I have no clue. I am drawn to writing but also speech pathology and philosophy. In short, I have no clear idea what I want to do for the remainder of my days on earth.

However, part of my hesitation on being a writer is because I have never really gone anywhere. How can I write if I haven’t been outside of the northeastern United States other than a few trips to DC and Florida in 22 years and I don’t even know what stops me. I am a freelancer, so I am not tide down by a static career. I could go anywhere and do anything. However, sometimes in the night before I go to sleep, I fear that maybe I will never do anything.

L is for Loser? – courtesy

My grandfather once told me that someone has to be the garbage man. So what if that is it, what if I cannot write and have not done the things I want to do  because I am the person that has to be the lowly office clerk or maybe I’m the person that the universe has chosen to be a housewife and I’m just fighting it. Yet, more than that, if that is true, if when I die it turns out I never wrote a novel, never did anything that my heart yearned to do, what is the point. Why do I have such desire to do great things and yet in spite of everything I want, be unable to do any of those things at all?