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I’m Sick So here’s a story about High School.

I’m sick so I’m probably not going to do any postings for the next few days. I’ve been doing some writing lately so that’s probably why.


anyway here’s something I was writing back in April or March so you can check it out and tell me how terrible it is.

I couldn’t ever think about things like this before. Well, before when I was skinny as a stick. At least that’s what they said then, but I wasn’t that skinny. I was more on the lighter side of average. While everyone else was worrying about childhood obesity, I was eating ho-ho’s and Twinkies, and those yummy pink coconutty cakes with the creme filling inside by the box full. One after the other on an after-school afternoon. And boy did I like that. I liked being thin.

Thinness affords you the ability to do so many things that regular and fat people can’t do. You can eat pizza all day, everyday without any one bothering you at all. Heck, they might even buy you an extra slice because who cares, your thin. And the things you can wear. That’s how models get away with wearing so many different things. So many different things that you can’t even believe. Wanna wear garbage, who care, you’re thin, anything will look good on you.

But then, I got fat. Slowly over the summer ’til the first day of school came and I was bigger than I had been, I didn’t notice at first. Except that my pants didn’t fit, they wouldn’t buckle and I was worried. So I ran more, and ran more. Puberty is terrible, it just comes at you with full force and changes everything that you’ve grown to love about yourself in the past 14 years.

And boy did I learn, the girl who was once, supermodel thin, with the nice hair, and flawless skin became nearly hideous over night. And everything grew, well, everything except what I wanted. My butt got huge, pimples littered my face and my once beautifully smelling shiny and bouncy hair, was weighed down, split up like a forest after Godzilla walks thru, and smelled like a vat of chicken grease.

And did I sweat, you never really see it on TV. You see all the boys out there, with broken voices, grease laden faces, pimpled galore, and awkwardly smelly in every single story about teens. But the girls, they’re always just moody and embarrassed about having to carry some tampax in their bag. But I went from being cute as a button to pizza faced, fat, and with some uncontrollable arm pit glands.

I would have preferred to have been moody, to be sitting there upset because I have to carry my bag with me to the bathroom!

And my friends weren’t too thrilled. We had chosen each other on the basis of our good genetic fortune, And now I had to WORK at being cute, and boy was I terrible it. And they didn’t care, I plummeted their Stock. I was stinky, heavy, and greasy, 3 things that do not go together with Skinny, Pretty, Teen Dreams.

And before my unfortunate luck of the draw with the Gods of Puberty, I was mean. I bullied. I had made girls cry. I was being given my just karmic retribution and boy was I upset. I was stuck in the world that I despised and ridiculed. I had become one of the freaks, and I didn’t like it.

And they didn’t like me. You’d think based on TV that geeks and losers or whatever they want to call themselves were different from the jocks and the preps, but things are the same all over. In fact it’s much easier to fake it with the jocks and the preps, with the geeks, if you can’t spell, they’ll call you on it, and you can’t pretend you aren’t stupid. I was dumb as hell, and ugly as hell and I couldn’t do anything about it. I was alone and upset.

But there was hope. I could change, I could become a better person. But I wasn’t going to become a better person. I was a fat former fancy girl, and that wasn’t going to do anything for me. I don’t give a shit. Those people could shut up, at some point I’d be pretty again, and then I’d be better. I would be more loving and caring.

But let me get to the beginning of the story. where everything started. Back when I first hit ugly and my friends stopped calling. When the first story was ending and the second part of my young life was beginning. …

Anyway tell me what you think, it’s the start of something I never finished.


ReCast It Wednesday

For the first edition of ReCast It Wednesday I’ve chosen to ReCast She-Ra: Princess of Power. I’ve chosen some pretty dynamic people for this tho I think you will have your own choices.

I enjoy watching Drop Dead Diva even if the show is insanely stupid drivel and I think that April Bowlby who plays Stacy would be a nice fit for She-Ra, she’s very fierce and has a sweet and innocent side that would work well for both Adora and She-Ra. For Hordak, I chose Tom Hardy because I think his muscular build and ability to be very shady from his work in Warrior would work well, tho It might have been good for me to have gone older. Glimmer, I chose Katy Perry because I liked how heroic she seemed in the video for her song Wide Awake. Finally I chose Sofia Vergara for Shadow Weaver because of her work in Modern Family and how motherly she can be while at the same time she has a nice mean streak when she doesn’t get her way. plus i think he’s d be the only one that would look super awesome in what is basically a Snuggly.

What do you think, would you make different choices? What other spots would you fill and with whom?

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Pinteresting Post of the Day: Read this Bookshelf

Today’s Pinteresting Post of the day comes courtesy of the Keeping Up With The Rheinlander’s Pinterest board entitled Book Stuff. What is wonderful about the Keeping up with the Rheinlander’s website and facebook page is that they review tons of book all the time. So if you have a book coming out, or just want to know what kind of books are out there, click on over there and see what’s up.

This fascinating bookshelf, shaped into the word READ can be found at the upscale NK department store in Stockholm, Sweden according to What the Cool.

This is a fabulous idea for a bookshelf, if you have the room. It doubles both as art and a holder for your books. And it would make even the most shameful collection of Twilight Novels and Fifty Shades of Grey look like something to behold.

While, I’m pretty certain this was made specifically for them, there isn’t any reason some of you handy people out there can’t go out and make a similar bookshelf yourself. So head on down to Lowes or Home Depot and get started.

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Pinteresting Post of the Day: Watermelon of Courage

Today’s Pinteresting Post Comes Courtesy of the Ministry of Alcohol who run a Facebook Page and a blog dedicated to very interesting ideas, involving alcohol. This was originally pinned to my Let’s Get Drunk pinterest board.

Their most interesting idea, since I’ve discovered them, is this Watermelon Keg.

When I was younger, and definitely not in High School nor underage, my friends and I went to a park and had a very fun Memorial Day barbeque. The main event was a fruit salad in a watermelon that had been soaked in Everclear. If you don’t know what Everclear is, it is a very high alcohol content liquor it’s somewhere between 170 and 190 proof (85% and 95% alcohol content), whereas vodka and whiskey are typically 80 to 120 proof or 40 to 60 percent alcohol.

By the time anyone attempted to eat the watermelon they had forgotten or had been forced to, due to the depleted supply of beverages, eat the watermelon for overwhelming thirst. And as originally expected, but at the same time by surprise, anyone eating the melon was completely drunk.

After seeing this photo on pinterest and reading the instructions on the Ministry of Alcohol’s website, I’ve decided that next Memorial Day barbeque I’m going to fill a watermelon with some type of Everclear or Moonshine based mixed drink and relive those lost days of youth.


You may have noticed that I have changed the naming mechanism a bit, I figure that this way you’ll know what you’re getting.

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Pinteresting Post of the Day: August 26, 2012

Today’s Pinteresting Post of the Day is a Healthy Eating Poster that I pinned to my Thinterest Board. The board, promotes healthy eating and exercise and does not promote eating disorders in anyway.

This pin came from the Undressed Skeleton, tumbler blog which is run by Taralynn McNitt. She also does some pinteresting things on Pinterest and post a lot of very interesting lower calorie versions of some originally very unhealthy foods. You can follow her on Pinterest here. She posted recently a very nice vegan substitution guide which is also handy for non vegans should you find yourself out of eggs while baking. She also posts some very fun fashion tips.

If you enjoy healthy ideas and exercise ideas, follow my Thinterest board on pinterest. I’ve posted such fun and interesting things like very short exercise plans. Interesting food ideas, and other inspiration for people who are trying to lose weight. It isn’t for everyone and I hardly do most of the ideas in there but we all have to start somewhere.

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Sunday ReRun – Alphaville have you seen Flash Gordon?

This was originally published on September 19, 2011

Alphaville: Une étrange aventure de Lemmy Caution – 1965

Alphaville, billed as the inspiration for Terminator and Blade Runner, is a 1960’s dystopian film. The movie, filmed in Black and White, starred the late Eddie Constantine, an American born French actor.

It is a film noir style dystopian adventure. The main character Lemmy Caution plays a hard-nosed secret agent who goes undercover as Ivan Johnson, American journalist, gathering evidence on the planned and regulated ubersociety named Alphaville.

While the plot appears to be set in the future, the characters reference events that were modern and recent to their time. However, the appearance of Alphaville, set to the backdrop of 1960’s France does seem futuristic because of the architecture of the time, including such staples as the Louvre. The interior scenes also have the appearance of being futuristic because of modern design elements, and the abundance of white walls, which after seeing THX 1138 has become a marker for the future.

The story was interesting and combined the idea of a society enslaved by logic and calculations, similar to the world of We by Yevgeny Zamyatin. Alphaville also includes the concept of rewriting words to remove emotion from society, which mirrors George Orwell’s concept of newspeak. Although, the story seems to be a B movie, the writing is acceptable and it supposes a near future type situation that reminds me of Terminator and 1984.

Some parts of the story were annoying and took me out of the story. I found it very grating that the movie would play the same suspenseful rift often at improper times, leading me to tweet “the suspenseful music is becoming suspenseful annoying #alphaville.” Later on, the main character Lemmy Caution spoke about some fictional characters as though they were real, even though they had nothing to do with the story. At some point in the film, Lemmy Caution asks for the whereabouts of Dick Tracy and Flash Gordon and he continuously brings up a Dr. Nosferatu. I kept half expecting a vampire to come out of the shadows and grab someone or for Flash Gordon to appear while singing a Queen Song, but it never happened. For them to use these character names instead of creating their own reeked of bad writing.

Overall, if a person enjoys dystopian movies and books, I believe that they will enjoy this movie for at least its inspirational qualities. I know that I liked the movie and was thoroughly entrenched within the world that it created. I thought it was intelligent and a very good quality dystopian film, at least until he asked about Flash Gordon and I laughed.


Next Week We Watch Daybreakers

Saturday LinkFest First Edition

Linkfest is a weekly listing of links to things that I found oh so very interesting around the web.  I hope to keep it to about 5 different sites and links, but it might be more depending on what fancies me on that very day.

Reapers with Issues, is a series of books by H.E. Ellis. I’ve taken time to read the opening intro of the book located in the link above and it sounds magnificent. If the writing keeps up to par with the excellence I have come to expect from Ellis’ last novel The Gods of Asphalt (Which is available for less than $1 on then I’ll be so happy. And I’d love to read it and post up a review for this book on here if H.E. should so deem it to be plausible.

The second link is from a KickStarter project for a game called DreadBall. I believe it to be a board game based sports game but, I’m not 100 percent sure. All I do know for sure is that the pieces look fantastic. Go over to KickStarter to figure that out for yourself.

The Third Link is from Comet Tales Blogspot, which chronicles Jonnie Comet as he writes his next novel. You can find his novels Deirdre, the Wanderer and Deirdre, the Oyster’s Pearl (Deirdre, the Wanderer) on Via the links provided.

A fourth link is provided by the BerdoRules Pinterest Account that seeks to post a different picture of Walt Disney World daily. It’s pretty interesting especially if you enjoy Disney so check that out as well.

The Fifth Link is a bit of shameless self promotion.  A friend and I have started a facebook page that hopes to discuss various fallacies found in media today. Most likely it will be one of those Memegenerators like many that are available today. But I hope it will be very elevated speech.

Have a fun Saturday and should you want to be featured next week, please drop a link below or send a link on the Facebook page, which is the best way, in my opinion.