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I really did enjoy this short film. I was thinking about this post this week. I love dystopias, I could never ever watch a utopian film, I’d probably put a foot in my TV it would be so unreal to me. I did find it jarring and a little shocking that I had originally disliked this movie, maybe the reality of the director’s vision didn’t sit well with me. However, after much time has passed, it feels like an old friend.

I recommend that everyone watch this video, you can rent it on YouTube for 2.99, and it is available on for a 7 day rental for only 1.99. (way to go Amazon with those prices)

Here’s the trailer below.

Here is the trailer for the one starring Sean Astin

Below you can read my initial thoughts, enjoy.

Movie Monday Issue #1 - 2081 2081 is a sort film directed and written by Chandler Tuttle. It is based on the sort story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut. It stars James Cosmo, Julie Hagerty, and Armie Hammer. Although it was a very interesting 25 minutes I didn’t really enjoy it. I thought that the film was much too brief and didn’t fully expand on the situation that is occurring within the movie. I much more enjoyed the Showtime Movie that starred Sean Astin (the dude f … Read More

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I remember when the planes crashed into the buildings. It was day that will live in infamy. I also remember partying the night away with Rob Gee and others at a Hardcore Benefit and I heard the song Fuck Osama Bin Laden that day. Here’s a good video, about something that seemed like it was never going to happen.