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Click the link to see the Kindle Mysteries 99 cent deal!

While I’ve never heard of some of these titles, mainly due to me not being much of a mystery fan, I must heartily agree that these would be a wonderful addition to your queue of books to read this spring and summer.

I’m going to give The Free loaders a chance.

As well as one other, I’m trying to decide between Dead, She Was Beautiful or Bare Trap. I like the way Dead, She was Beautiful’s title reads but I like the sexy legs on the cover of Bare Trap.

What do you think?

Okay, so by now you are all busy trying to write a scary flash fiction story for the contest; however, I’ve found something interesting.

Over at Curiosity Quills they are preforming a give away for an Amazon Kindle Fire that’s coming out soon! Really cool right?

So head on over there and join in to the contest.

Amazon really did some amazing things this week by announcing newer and more cost effective Kindles. This is totally awesome because, as you know, I hate Barnes and Noble’s nook. I’ve hinted at my hatred of B&N a number of times and while there is intense locking down of the Amazon Kindle they have way more books and better customer service. Now I can’t speak to the functionality of the new Kindles but the Nook that I purchased was rife with problems. The screen kept breaking and it was then that I vowed to never again be duped by B&N.

So here are the choices.

This is the Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6″
It sells for $79 with special offers
or $109 without.
It sports a One Month battery life
and can fit in your pocket.

This is the Kindle touch
there are 4 options for this device
For the WIFI only device:
with offers (or advertisements)  it is $99
without offers it is $139
There is also a WiFi + 3G version priced at

$149 and $189.

Kindle Fire, Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display
It comes in WiFi only and is priced at $199.
You can read magazine and also play games.
The best part is no need to buy an expensive iPad
because you can watch Amazon Prime movies too.
Amazon Prime is awesome because you also get tons
of free 2-day shipping which comes in handy during the holidays.

The Kindle Fire comes on on November 15, while the others are available now for purchase. This seems like an excellent holiday gift. And even more excellent if you can get one for free by joining the contest featured above.

Also don’t forget to keep writing for the Flash Fiction Contest I’ve added in the Trick r’ Treat DVD and am currently mulling over what the best book to add to the prize would be.