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Linkfest is a weekly listing of links to things that I found oh so very interesting around the web.  I hope to keep it to about 5 different sites and links, but it might be more depending on what fancies me on that very day.

Reapers with Issues, is a series of books by H.E. Ellis. I’ve taken time to read the opening intro of the book located in the link above and it sounds magnificent. If the writing keeps up to par with the excellence I have come to expect from Ellis’ last novel The Gods of Asphalt (Which is available for less than $1 on then I’ll be so happy. And I’d love to read it and post up a review for this book on here if H.E. should so deem it to be plausible.

The second link is from a KickStarter project for a game called DreadBall. I believe it to be a board game based sports game but, I’m not 100 percent sure. All I do know for sure is that the pieces look fantastic. Go over to KickStarter to figure that out for yourself.

The Third Link is from Comet Tales Blogspot, which chronicles Jonnie Comet as he writes his next novel. You can find his novels Deirdre, the Wanderer and Deirdre, the Oyster’s Pearl (Deirdre, the Wanderer) on Via the links provided.

A fourth link is provided by the BerdoRules Pinterest Account that seeks to post a different picture of Walt Disney World daily. It’s pretty interesting especially if you enjoy Disney so check that out as well.

The Fifth Link is a bit of shameless self promotion.  A friend and I have started a facebook page that hopes to discuss various fallacies found in media today. Most likely it will be one of those Memegenerators like many that are available today. But I hope it will be very elevated speech.

Have a fun Saturday and should you want to be featured next week, please drop a link below or send a link on the Facebook page, which is the best way, in my opinion.

People probably describe me as a literature snob. In fact, I know I have had arguments about this often. I usually talk about how much I hate twilight or chick lit and how terrible Stephanie Meyers’ writing is without ever having read more than a few excerpts. Long excerpts, but I haven’t read the entire book, nor the entire series.

However, I have been thinking about my hatred of certain pop fiction and I think I should give one book a chance. And I will let you , the reader, choose the popular fiction book that I read. I’m hoping that I am pleasantly surprised.

I’ve left the poll open to other suggestions so that if some independent romance novelist wants me to review their book, if they get enough friends to come to this blog and vote. If you don’t vote, you don’t have a voice. So come on and pick your favorite book, just remember no literature, only fiction, I want James Patterson’s, Nora Jones’, Stephanie Meyers’. I want you to suggest Romance, Werewolf and Vampire teen fiction, Lawyer Thrillers, and Chick Lit mommy dramas. The only caveat is that I have to be able to find the book on Amazon, I really prefer to buy my books there, it’s quick and easy.

And I promise I will base my review on the book, I won’t compare it to Colum McCann or Junot Diaz. I will evaluate it on the strength of the novel, the style that the author is trying to portray, how engaging it is, how much work it required to get me to finish the book, how memorable it is, and how likely I would be to recommend it to someone I like.

Mallory pulled on the wooden rake handle using all of her strength to bring the dead, decaying leaves towards her. She huffed and brought her sweaty arm to her sweaty forehead in an attempt to relieve herself. She huffed and sighed and went right back to raking the leaves into a pile before her. She worked at it diligently clearing the area around the tree stump. Her long brown hair felt like a hand rubbing her back as it swayed across her back while she worked.

Mallory Picture #1

“Ms. Jones,” a man’s voice asked as she looked up to see the face of the overseer.

“Yes, Mr. Riley?”

“Let’s pack it up.”

Mallory gathered up the pile of leaves into a black plastic bag and gathered up the edges into her hand tying a thick knot. She flung the bag over her shoulder and walked over to the work truck. With a grunt she chucked the bag into the back of the truck and smiled, her day was done.

“How many hours do I have now Mr. Riley,” she asked as she opened the door to the truck cab.

“Um, let me see here,” he looked at some pages clipped on a clipboard. Flipping through the pages he said, “Well, today was six and a half hours but I’ll round that up to seven for yah. So, that makes about … let me see. That makes 80 hours give or take an hour.”

“80 hours?” she huffed and jumped into the truck.

“How many more do you got left?”

“Like a hundred I think.”

“Damn, well, you’ll get through it, better than jail, right?”

“I guess,” Mallory said looking out of her window as the trees whooshed past her, the truck bumbling down the road occasionally throwing her up into the air.


Mallory thought back to that night. Her hair had been much shorter then and she was looking forward to going out with her friends. She was wearing her red racing dress, with the stripes down the side, fire truck red stockings, and a pair of black converse all stars. She was wearing makeup, shiny red lip-gloss, and glittery blue eye shadow.

She remembered how she was walking around in downtown Claironville, walking up Main Street past all the locally owned shops. She was smiling waving at the different people that she had known since she was a little girl with pigtails.

As she reached the movie theater, she saw Sean standing outside smoking a cigarette.

“Hey Sean,” she said smiling at him. “What’s up?”

“Nothing,” he said. “What’s up with you?”

“Just trying to get drunk or something.”

“I can help you with that or something,” he said as he pulled a leaf out of her hair.

“How much?”

“How much you want?”

“I got like 20 bucks,”

“Aiight, I got you,” he said as he put his hand on her shoulder and they walked away.


She was sitting on her bed now, holding a large brown piece of paper. Her brother had given her a book on origami when he visited her in rehab. Lyle was such a good brother and son. He never let his parents down as she had done. She was looking at the instructions to make a dinosaur.


They had been in the park, Mallory and Sean, snorting Ketamine and smoking cigarettes when Sean got sick. She looked around for a phone and couldn’t find one.


She began folding the paper to make the creases necessary to make the dinosaur. At this high level of origami preparation creasing was a necessity, it would avoid tons of unnecessary rips and repeats.


Sean looked pale and he eyes rolled back. Mallory just wanted to lie down, she felt so good, almost like she was up above the trees looking down at her and Sean.

“Okay, man up,” she said to herself as she forced her body to run. Her muscles ached, her body just wanted to slump down onto the black, smooth, road. She screamed as a big white SUV stopped just inches from her head. Mallory fell back onto the pavement, she felt so good, and the ground was so soft and comfortable.


She began to form the head of the dinosaur. She was almost finished, her fingers barely shaking as she made the intricate folds necessary.

“Sean’s sick,” she said as she smiled and began to drift off to sleep. “He’s in the park.” A voice began to speak to her asking her questions, telling her not to go to sleep.


She placed the finished dinosaur on the table. “I miss you Sean,” she said as she looked out the window past the trees and even further still.

Dinogami Picture #2

Starting on Tuesday, August 16th.

I will post a writing prompt of the week.

I am hoping that readers and writers will enjoy this.

The goal is 700 words on the writing prompt. I am going to do some various different things to get us all going to write more.

The goal will be for me at least to post the 700 word response to the prompt by the Friday of that same week.

I would love to see submissions from my readers and I think it would be fun.

Hopefully at some point we can have enough people responding to do a contest of some sort. Which would be fun for all of us!

So remember on August 16, 2011 at 6:00 pm I will post the first writing prompt.

If you want to participate, it’s 700 words any genre you like! If you don’t reach 700 words, it’s okay.