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This story is adopted from an Oneida story called The Night Ghost available Here

The Night Ghost

There is a small village in Upstate New York with many women. I happened upon that town at one point in my travels. The people were friendly and Every night I would go for a run despite warnings. During that same time a young girl named Joanne. She had long black hair and light auburn skin and a slender build.

Every night, I would here her mother yell for her in a big booming voice, “Joanne don’t you go out looking for that boy, you might see the night ghost!”

Joanne wouldn’t pay her mother attention and would keep on walking down the roads to find her boyfriend Gino. Gino was a tall man, in his early twenties. I would always see the two of them hand in hand, Gino scolding Joanne lovingly for having come out into the dark night looking for him, and Joanne assuring Gino that their love would keep her safe.

Around the time that the leaves were falling, near the end of October. I heard Joanne’s mother boom out, “Girl, if you don’t come in here, it’s the darkest night of the year, you’re sure to see the night ghost!”

“Mama,” Joanne said as the screen door slammed behind her, “My love for Gino will keep me safe.” Joanne ran off into the darkness of one of the side streets, her hair swaying in the wind behind her cutting through the cold autumn air. Continue reading

On October 21, 2011 Paranormal Activity 3 will be released in theaters.

I haven’t seen any of the previous instalments of the series but I’ve heard a lot of good things. I will probably attend this newest Paranormal Activity if only because I found on a way to get a free Paranormal Activity 3 ticket when you purchase a movie of your choice from the list. This includes some of the previous Paranormal Activity movies but also a lot of other awesome movies as well.

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