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So, sometime in September 2011 (if I were more studious I’d go back and check the exact date) I wrote my bucket list and posted it up here.

Last night I was able to cross one of those items off of the list. I got to meet my long time favorite DeeJay a Mr. Neophyte from Holland.

I absolutely love hardcore and gabber. Now, this is not the first time I’ve seen Neophyte, either I was too much of a n00b or too concerned with other musicians at the time, but I have apparently seen Neophyte before. Although, I was 21 then and I could have been trying to make up for those previous 20 years where I didn’t drink. Continue reading


From the What were they thinking section of the music library.

Also, Remember the post from earlier today, well, from RL Stine’s twitter feed: he has a little contest going on where you can win an autographed book. I’m entering are you? Of course I will probably just donate the book I win to some kid at a neighborhood school. Enjoy and happy hauntings.