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From the What were they thinking section of the music library.

Also, Remember the post from earlier today, well, from RL Stine’s twitter feed: he has a little contest going on where you can win an autographed book. I’m entering are you? Of course I will probably just donate the book I win to some kid at a neighborhood school. Enjoy and happy hauntings.

I think I hate youtube. I’ve been trying all day to upload clips of Nightmare on Elm Street for this post. Since it’s commentary I should be allowed to do so. Unfortunately, the greedy movie companies won’t let me, unless I appeal which is going to take a bit.

They totally aren’t thinking about the spirit of the Holiday. If anyone knows a different place I should do this let me know. I just want to count down the 10 best scenes of the Nightmare Saga.

Anyway, here is a song to cheer you and myself up. My most favorite Easter present ever was Nightmare Before Christmas. Yes, in my house we got Easter presents, I think it was some kind of guilt thing, like because we didn’t go to church we should do something big.

Enjoy the video.

I love Freddy Krueger, I can remember as a child watching the Nightmare on Elm Street films in awe. Loving every moment of them. I wasn’t a psychopath, at least that’s what I say at job interviews anyway, and I did have tons of nightmares, but I would still watch. I’d watch every single super scary minute of those shows.

When I was in third grade, my chosen Halloween costume was Freddy. Despite the desperate pleas from aunts and uncles, I had to just be Freddy because Freddy was everything, I wanted to be then. Not a psychopathic murderer of children and teens, but he made the world whatever he wanted. Making the world what I wanted was and is something I’ve always wished I could do, it why I like writing.

Robert Englund is the actor that plays Freddy Krueger, he’s perfect for it. From what I’ve read and heard he’s a very nice man in real life. I think that’s the trick, he’s able to be such a evil guy in movies because he’s a nice guy in real life. He has all that stuff to play with because he isn’t trying to hide a secret evil. Englund is also classically trained by the Royal Academy of the Dramatic Art, a school that boasts alumni Kenneth Branagh, Clive Owens, and Ralph Fiennes. There are people out there who might say that the real greats are Branagh,Owens and Fiennes but they’re wrong. The English Patient may have won some fancy awards but from the time I saw Nightmare on Elm Street 4 until the day I die, I’m going to keep watching and keep repurchasing new versions of the Nightmare series and that’s an accomplishment better than any statue or piece of gold.

Here’s some videos of Englund talking about his role, life and more.

And check out his book Hollywood Monster: A Walk Down Elm Street with the Man of Your Dreams

Who wins in a fight:

Pet Peeve:

Tomorrow I talk about the movies, I just had to talk about how awesome Robert Englund is and always will be.

I don’t really remember the originals. I figured I’d get that out of the way. I’ve seen all of them, I’m sure even the bad ones in my lifetime but that was so many years ago that I can’t even keep the original ones straight. And I do plan to watch the originals, they are being shipped by Netflix as we speak (I hope).

I saw the first movie in the theaters (as well as recently on Video on Demand
) and the second movie I saw recently on Showtime on Demand. The first movie starts with Michael Meyer’s poverty-stricken dysfunctional family. His mother is a stripper and the rest of his family treats him poorly. The viewer is given an in depth look at his psychosis and the people that help to perpetuate his psychosis. He later seeks out his youngest sister “Boo.”

The second movie begins with the conclusion of the first, delving into the repercussions of Michael’s actions in the previous film. His mother is now beckoning him to continue the work he started in the prior movie. His sister Boo suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder from the prior attack. She is heavily medicated and attempting to deal with the problems arising from the return of Michael Meyer’s.

I did enjoy the reality of Rob Zombie’s vision. He kept it focused on actual possibilities rather than mythical supernatural evil. The reality of the young Michael Meyer’s upbringing combined with the bullying he experienced at school seemed to create his break with reality, although, I joke that the terrible candy haul that he received was what really sent him over the edge.

If only he'd gotten some good candy

The second movie was also very good. I had also thought it very unrealistic that movie heroes and heroines would survive a serial killer murdering all of their friends and family members only to get away unscathed and completely well adjusted. In Halloween II, his sister is trying to cope but can’t really handle the weight of the misfortune that previously befell her. She copes but ultimately the second series of attacks was too much for her to handle.

I’m going to watch the original eight movies and tell you my view of them in comparison with the Rob Zombie Halloween movies. Also, there is talk of a third remake but Rob Zombie will not be directing, according to October 26, 2012 is the slated release date.

Tomorrow we talk about how to write scary stories.

And Next Week’s Movie is not a Movie so much as a Series of Movies… My 10 favorite Scenes from the Nightmare on Elm Street Series:

Check out this Mashup Video below (not for the faint of heart)