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In keeping with the theme of today, it is after all Presidential Debate #1 day, I wanted to round up a bunch of Halloween-esque political ads and I think I found some good ones.
1. Who can forget the Demon Sheep advertisement. It was totally funny and frightening. I loved the red glowing eyes and the video ended up being talked about for weeks.  The ad went viral and helped Carly Fiorina clinch the Republican Primary from opponents Tom Campbell and Chuck DeVore.

2. In a way that must have been hellish for Ms. Fiorina, the California Democratic Party made a parody ad against her for the general election. I’m not sure the ad had anything to do with it, but I’d like to think that it did, for the sake of horror fans all over, have something to do with her not winning her election bid against California Senator Barbara Boxer.

3. The final video I found, also from California, was the Night of the Living Pelosi ad by John Dennis, who is running against Pelosi for her congress seat. This one is absolute perfection and if I were a citizen of Pelosi’s district I’d cast my vote for John Dennis based on this ad alone. it’s too funny and too hilarious, tho the issues he presents are serious.

You’ve got about 1 hour to get ready to watch the Presidential Debates and while I do have a person that I’m rooting for, I want to say that I don’t care whom you vote for in 2012 as long as you are an informed voter, so go out there and watch the debates and really think about what principles you want to vote for.

Additionally, if you go over to the Facebook page, I am playing fallacy bingo and if someone beats me I’ll give away an Amazon gift card, see the Facebook page for more details.

I think I hate youtube. I’ve been trying all day to upload clips of Nightmare on Elm Street for this post. Since it’s commentary I should be allowed to do so. Unfortunately, the greedy movie companies won’t let me, unless I appeal which is going to take a bit.

They totally aren’t thinking about the spirit of the Holiday. If anyone knows a different place I should do this let me know. I just want to count down the 10 best scenes of the Nightmare Saga.

Anyway, here is a song to cheer you and myself up. My most favorite Easter present ever was Nightmare Before Christmas. Yes, in my house we got Easter presents, I think it was some kind of guilt thing, like because we didn’t go to church we should do something big.

Enjoy the video.

I am anticipating an amazing second season of The Walking Dead. I enjoyed every moment of season 1 and cannot get enough. Over on the AMC Walking Dead website there are six webisodes available for review. In an effort to make my head explode from anticipation I am watching one each day. You can join me in this self imposed torture by viewing the first webisode here.

Below is the long form trailer for Season 2, everything in it is making me wish I had invented that forward only time machine.

I love Freddy Krueger, I can remember as a child watching the Nightmare on Elm Street films in awe. Loving every moment of them. I wasn’t a psychopath, at least that’s what I say at job interviews anyway, and I did have tons of nightmares, but I would still watch. I’d watch every single super scary minute of those shows.

When I was in third grade, my chosen Halloween costume was Freddy. Despite the desperate pleas from aunts and uncles, I had to just be Freddy because Freddy was everything, I wanted to be then. Not a psychopathic murderer of children and teens, but he made the world whatever he wanted. Making the world what I wanted was and is something I’ve always wished I could do, it why I like writing.

Robert Englund is the actor that plays Freddy Krueger, he’s perfect for it. From what I’ve read and heard he’s a very nice man in real life. I think that’s the trick, he’s able to be such a evil guy in movies because he’s a nice guy in real life. He has all that stuff to play with because he isn’t trying to hide a secret evil. Englund is also classically trained by the Royal Academy of the Dramatic Art, a school that boasts alumni Kenneth Branagh, Clive Owens, and Ralph Fiennes. There are people out there who might say that the real greats are Branagh,Owens and Fiennes but they’re wrong. The English Patient may have won some fancy awards but from the time I saw Nightmare on Elm Street 4 until the day I die, I’m going to keep watching and keep repurchasing new versions of the Nightmare series and that’s an accomplishment better than any statue or piece of gold.

Here’s some videos of Englund talking about his role, life and more.

And check out his book Hollywood Monster: A Walk Down Elm Street with the Man of Your Dreams

Who wins in a fight:

Pet Peeve:

Tomorrow I talk about the movies, I just had to talk about how awesome Robert Englund is and always will be.