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In keeping with the theme of today, it is after all Presidential Debate #1 day, I wanted to round up a bunch of Halloween-esque political ads and I think I found some good ones.
1. Who can forget the Demon Sheep advertisement. It was totally funny and frightening. I loved the red glowing eyes and the video ended up being talked about for weeks.  The ad went viral and helped Carly Fiorina clinch the Republican Primary from opponents Tom Campbell and Chuck DeVore.

2. In a way that must have been hellish for Ms. Fiorina, the California Democratic Party made a parody ad against her for the general election. I’m not sure the ad had anything to do with it, but I’d like to think that it did, for the sake of horror fans all over, have something to do with her not winning her election bid against California Senator Barbara Boxer.

3. The final video I found, also from California, was the Night of the Living Pelosi ad by John Dennis, who is running against Pelosi for her congress seat. This one is absolute perfection and if I were a citizen of Pelosi’s district I’d cast my vote for John Dennis based on this ad alone. it’s too funny and too hilarious, tho the issues he presents are serious.

You’ve got about 1 hour to get ready to watch the Presidential Debates and while I do have a person that I’m rooting for, I want to say that I don’t care whom you vote for in 2012 as long as you are an informed voter, so go out there and watch the debates and really think about what principles you want to vote for.

Additionally, if you go over to the Facebook page, I am playing fallacy bingo and if someone beats me I’ll give away an Amazon gift card, see the Facebook page for more details.

Getting excited for tonight’s Walking Dead Premier and the Talking Dead at 12:00 am tonight with Robert Kirkman.

Come tweet with me about the Walking Dead tonight. I’ll be tweeting with #wrw along with #walkingdead on Twitter using my account @invisawriter.

You can buy the entire comic series on here.

You can check out my attempt at a Zombie Story here. The Story is called a Quick Bite.

And don’t forget that the writing contest closes in 4 days, get your stories in!

I am anticipating an amazing second season of The Walking Dead. I enjoyed every moment of season 1 and cannot get enough. Over on the AMC Walking Dead website there are six webisodes available for review. In an effort to make my head explode from anticipation I am watching one each day. You can join me in this self imposed torture by viewing the first webisode here.

Below is the long form trailer for Season 2, everything in it is making me wish I had invented that forward only time machine.

So this week, all those changes I talked about are going to be in effect. Also, I’ve created a Facebook fan page, which I would like to get people to start following and enjoying so that we can talk and get chatting together about writing.

Finally, during the month of October, because I love Halloween, I will write some short stories to Scare Your Pants Off.  It will probably be stories involving zombies, vampires, hobgoblins, werewolves, trolls, or spooky-spooky ghosts. While there will be new content every day, there will also be 31 days of Frights or a new short story daily as well as the other promised content.

Not all of them are going to be original stories. I’m in the process of gathering some of my favorite short stories. Hopefully, there will be some favorite short horror and spooky stories that the readers can suggest. This link contains a quick search to books that involve Halloween to some extent.

Get Spooked

Also, as we approach the holiday with the mostest, the tab links above will contain photos and links to some great Halloween movies that are either available for purchase, rental or viewing online either thru Amazon or Netflix. I will also link to some spooktacular YouTube videos. If you have a super short story or other related content that you’d like to have featured as part of the 31 days of Frights, please contact me and submit your image, YouTube video, or story.

Be spooky!