Fake pumpkins are an excellent way to show your Halloween spirit without engaging in a yearly battle of the mold. There are a few different brands including Fun-Kins, who have many different and some very realistic types, to the generic store brands. Stores like Target, Jo-Ann’s, the Dollar Tree, and Michaels all carry a brand of craftable pumpkin and are probably available at many a retailer near you.

They range in Price from one-dollar (gotta love that dollar tree) to well over $40 for some very large pumpkins. These happen to be the greatest invention of the holiday season since flashing electric Christmas tree lights. The greatest thing about crafting pumpkins is the ability to save your designs for years to come. Should you find the need, you can just put it in a bag and you will have a nice memory piece for future Halloweens and your children.

Additionally, they are also better than real pumpkins because they are light and force you to use anything other than a lit candle. Using synthetic light allows the jack-o-lantern maker so many new and inventive lighting options including color lights, strobe lights, and even black light responsive designs. I just picked up my craftable pumpkin and as soon as I decide on a design, I will post a picture to the Facebook page.

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