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Every October, I get into the spirit of the devilishly delightful holiday by watching copious amounts of Halloween programing and this year will be no different. There are so many shows out there this year for us Halloweenites to watch.

It’s a creature feature


This year the Travel Channel will have a very spectacular lineup of shows. They actually started their Halloween programing during September and tonight they continue their head start on October with the season premiere of Making Monsters. Making Monsters chronicles the work of Ed Edmunds and his company, Distortions Unlimited as they make some of the most innovative animatronics and masks in the industry. The channel will present two back-to-back episodes weekly on Sundays starting at 8pm, so get that DVR ready.

Change Your Face for a Change of Pace

On Monday, October 1, Sci-Fi (or Syfy if you must) starts its own 31 Days of Halloween event. It starts with the Midseason finale of Warehouse 13 at 9pm, which I admit I have never seen. On Tuesday, Face-Off, a reality TV makeup artist challenge, starts at 9pm followed by the extreme design challenge series Hot-Set at 10pm from executive Producers Michael Agbabian, Dwight Smith, and Aliyah Silverstein, who are also responsible for Face-Off. They round out the week with Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Witness, Haven, Queen of the Damned and Primal.

Never to be outdone, the Disney Channel and Disney Junior are holding October Halloween Events. They are calling their event Monstober over at Starting on October 1, there will be hours of excellent programing. They will screen Mostly Ghostly: Who Let the Ghosts out on Monday at 8:30pm. There is a My Babysitter is a Vampire marathon on Thursday, October 4, 2012. The Halloween themed season premiere of Austin and Ally on Sunday, October 7 follows the great lineup that started the week. Later in the month they’ll be premiering Girl vs. Monster. Over on Disney Junior they will have Boo for You Fridays with Halloween themed episodes and movies every Friday on Disney Jr.

He looks like the Crypt Keeper!

Every day at 6pm from Monday October 1 to Thursday October 4th, Hub, in it’s Haunted Hub Halloween event and contest, will play a creepy episode of one of R.L. Stein’s Haunting Hour or Goosebumps.  Over at FEARnet, which is Halloween central, Will play a 2 hour block of Tales from the Crypt, every Friday during October starting on Friday, October 5 at 10 pm.

All times are Eastern and you should check with TV guide, Zap2it, or Titan TV to see your local times and channel listings.

There will be more frightening programming to come next week, so I bid you, Happy Hauntings until next time.

For the first edition of ReCast It Wednesday I’ve chosen to ReCast She-Ra: Princess of Power. I’ve chosen some pretty dynamic people for this tho I think you will have your own choices.

I enjoy watching Drop Dead Diva even if the show is insanely stupid drivel and I think that April Bowlby who plays Stacy would be a nice fit for She-Ra, she’s very fierce and has a sweet and innocent side that would work well for both Adora and She-Ra. For Hordak, I chose Tom Hardy because I think his muscular build and ability to be very shady from his work in Warrior would work well, tho It might have been good for me to have gone older. Glimmer, I chose Katy Perry because I liked how heroic she seemed in the video for her song Wide Awake. Finally I chose Sofia Vergara for Shadow Weaver because of her work in Modern Family and how motherly she can be while at the same time she has a nice mean streak when she doesn’t get her way. plus i think he’s d be the only one that would look super awesome in what is basically a Snuggly.

What do you think, would you make different choices? What other spots would you fill and with whom?

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wrwmovies – live streaming video powered by Livestream.


It’s a really great movie and everyone will enjoy it.  Come Join it’s live now, I’ve made it a full on experience.

At 8:30 pm tomorrow I’m going to set up another livestream with A Muppet Christmas Carol. You can watch the video below. I remember being taken to see this movie by my aunt when I was in middle school or elementary school, I’m trying to see which makes me less creepily old.

It was really fun last time and I hope that more people come by to enjoy the festivities. There will be some music playing before hand and some surprises during the showing. So I hope everyone comes along in a happy way for you. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Visit here, but I will post a reminder a half hour before showtime.
Do you have any requests for the New Year? I’ll still do reviews but maybe every other week we can all watch a movie? What movie are you interested in watching in the future?